Mission Oak Furniture

An idea for the story of a story. Please comment. Thanks!

Mary turned right past building C and saw a young man standing at the far end of the storage units. He looked pleasant, short dark hair, blue jeans, and a baby blue button down dress shirt. He smiled, waved. Mary parked and got out of her car. “Hi, I’m Mary. I called about the furniture.”

“Yes, I’m David. It’s nice to meet you.” He was an attractive man, nice smile, warm inviting eyes, athletic. Mary felt herself blush a little. “My brother John went to the market to get some beer. He has the keys, but he’ll be back in a minute or two. You don’t mind waiting?”

“No, I’m not in a rush. Could you tell me a bit about the furniture?”

David’s his eyes welled up, “Well, the furniture belonged to my grandmother. We put it into storage and hoped to keep it, but money’s a bit tight, so we decided to sell.” David warmly talked about his grandmother, how she had valiantly fought cancer for a number of years and finally succumbed to the disease. Mary’s heart went out to David. She gave him her condolences. Told him that things would get better, but it takes time.

Both turned to see a rust green truck turn the corner of the building and park. A young tall man got out. David spoke, “Mary, this is my brother, John. John, this is Mary.”

“This was his brother?” She didn’t really see any family resemblance. John was tall, thin, had a bit of a pot belly. His clothes were dirty, unkempt. He stared hard at Mary, nodded and spit a wad of chew on the gravel drive.

David took the keys from John and moved towards the unit. Mary felt a sense of excitement and nervousness. How long had she wanted Mission Oak furniture? She prayed quietly that it was in good shape and that the price would be reasonable. David tried a key in the lock. Nothing happened. “I know it’s one of these.” He turned, smiled at Mary, nodded.

At that precise moment, a calloused hand came across Mary’s mouth and nose. Mary crashed into the door of the storage unit. The crash echoed throughout the empty unit. Mary tried to scream, tried to struggle.

A pair of lips brushed her ear and then David’s voice quietly stated, “Go ahead, keep struggling and it will just be worse for you.”


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