Man in Black

Another story idea.  Comments?


Normally I don’t go to coffee shops, but to fulfill an assignment for my writing class I headed to a local independent coffee shop. It was small, narrow, somewhat claustrophobic and relatively close to where I lived. I parked, put money in the meter, grabbed my notebook, a pen,and the novel I was reading and headed in. There were four people sitting along the wall, one behind the other like they were in their assigned seats waiting for class. I walked up to the counter and asked for an iced tea. The barista asked, “Ok, dude. Do you want herbal or green?”  

“What type of herbal do you have?” I asked.

“Well, dude, we have mint, chamomile and orange.” I asked for chamomile. As the barista was making the order, he turned, “Oh yeah, you know the chamomile we use is really fine, so some times it gets those little floating things in it. Just wanted to warn you dude.”

I told him it was ok. I paid and selected a table that would give me a good view of the room and patrons. Everyone seemed absorbed in a computer, except for one guy that was reading a newspaper of all things! Behind me I heard a loud flush and a door open. “Great! I picked a table right next to the john.”

A tall, thin guy walked out. As he approached the barista he spoke, “As I was saying, things will work out, ok? Don’t stress about it, just chill, ok?” He was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, black pants and a pair of black converse tennis with white shoelaces. His hair was even dyed an unnaturally dark black.

The barista replied, “Yeah, yeah, I know dude.”

There was that dude thing again! I wanted to say, “You know dude, stop with the dude! You’re in your 30’s and it’s really annoying” but I held my tongue. Yes, occasionally my sarcasm gets me into trouble.

The barista continued. “I’ll chill. Promise, I’ll chill.”

Black, walked to his table, which was just to the left of the entrance as you walked in. He started typing on his Mac computer. He looked up and noticed me looking. Actually I think I was staring. He smiled warmly and then went back to his Mac.

I wrote down some notes and drank my tea with the floaters. There wasn’t much happening here. Everyone was self absorbed in their own little world, so I decided maybe I should try a more active coffee shop. I wanted something to write about and I definitely wasn’t getting it here.

I got up, tossed my trash and walked towards the entrance. Black looked up and smiled and I nodded back. He asked,”How are you doing?”

I replied, Good. How about yourself?” I think it came out more as a mumble, something on the lines of “Gud, how bout self?”

“I’m Dee.” He offered his hand. We shook hands and I gave him my name.

“Nice to meet you Dee.” Or maybe he meant “D”? He went back to his Mac. I pulled my car keys out of my right pocket and proceeded to my car. As I pulled into traffic, I noticed Dee on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop stretching. His fingers were interlocked, his arms stretched straight overhead.

The next morning, Sunday, I woke at 7. For some reason I can’t sleep late on weekends anymore. I putzed around the apartment for a while and then got ready for the gym.  As I walked towards my car, I noticed some trash on the hood, “What idiot left that there?” Well, I have to admit it was a bit more vulgar than that, but I am trying for the nth time to break my habit of swearing. I reached to grab the trash and noticed it was a flattened take out cup from the coffee shop with a phone number and the words “Call me” written in red ink. I pulled my hand away, and spun my head to see if anyone was around.

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3 thoughts on “Man in Black

  1. diditevercrossyourmind says:

    what happens next! what happens next!!! ??

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