Mission Oak III

Mary woke. Adrenalin rushed through her body. Her mind instantly took an assessment.  Small bed, hands and feet tied to the posts. Arms lifeless from a lack of blood. Right leg bruised from the hip to knee. Someone was to her right. She slowly turned her head.  Her neck muscles punished Mary for the movement. She winced. A pair of blue eyes peered into hers. The eyes were close enough for Mary to make out various shades of blue.

A girl’s sunny voice said, “Hi.”

Mary audibly asked, “Where am I?” She made out the young face, long hair pulled back into a pony tail. Loose strands of hair reached out.

 “Here,” the eyes blinked.  

“Where is here?”

“I don’t know. Just here.”

Mary’s forehead ridged. “You don’t know where you are?”

“No. They won’t tell me. They just say here.”

Fear raced through Mary’s body. “Who are they?”

“David and John.”

Mary’s stomach churned, her heart started to pound. She took a deep breath.  Her mind spoke to her subconscious, “Remain calm. No matter what remain calm.”

“Are you ok lady?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”  Mary attempted a smile, “So what’s your name?”


“Just Girl?”

“Yes ma’am. That’s what they always call me. I don’t know my real name. I forgot it long time ago.”

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