Man in Black II


Personal Note – Was hoping to have more, but I’m posting what I have. What are your comments? Thoughts?

Man in Black – Continued

I took the cup and threw it into the front seat of my car. It flew across the seat, hit the passenger window and dropped between the seat and car door. I left it there to join the empty Fiji water bottle and gum wrapper that occupied the passenger side floor. I hopped into the car. On the way to the gym, I pushed the cup out of my mind and went into my pre-workout preparation phase of deep breathing and light meditation.

After my workout, I stopped to get some groceries. I walked into the store in my workout shorts and sweaty tank top. An elderly woman, elderly meaning over 60, gave me a disgusted look. I shrugged it off. “It’s just a little sweat,” I thought. I went through my mental check list, “Let’s see, I need ground chicken, oatmeal, romaine lettuce, almonds, avocado and paper toweling.” I do admit I checked out the ice cream. The store brand was on sale and the Chocolate Cookie Dough was very tempting, but I convinced myself I didn’t need the calories. I proceeded to the check out.

I was putting my change into my worn wallet as I walked through the exit doors. I was no more than four steps away from the store, when I heard my name. I turned. I got dizzy for a brief moment. There was Dee standing sitting alongside the exit. I believe I said, “Hi.”

Dee smiled, got up, grabbed his bike and walked. He reached out with his right hand, “Surprised to see you here. Was out riding my bike and stopped to get a bottle of water.” As if to show me he had purchased water, he took a swig out of a one liter Fiji bottle. Dee continued, “You live near here?”

I eyed him suspiciously, “No, I was at the gym and I stopped to get some groceries on my way home. I live a couple miles up.”

Dee smiled. I hadn’t noticed until now how white and straight his teeth were. “You shouldn’t be afraid of me. You need me as a friend.”

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3 thoughts on “Man in Black II

  1. diditevercrossyourmind says:

    For one thing, you’ve managed to keep up the suspense 🙂

  2. keithwrites1 says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m working on some more. I’m trying a different approach on a couple different stories to help fine tune what process works best for me.

  3. diditevercrossyourmind says:

    good luck with that

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