The Chord – Package

A tan sheet snapped loudly at its apex before falling to quietly hang from the green cabled clothesline. Working in the small garden, Kirsti placed some green zebra and Cherokee purple tomatoes into a small bowl. The fresh tomatoes from the garden would go well on a salad with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. She looked up to see where Patton was, just in time to see him grab the sheet in mid ascent and whip it back and forth with what to Patton was a ferocious growl, but resembled more of a sputtering lawn mower. “Patton! Stop that right now!!” Kirsti screamed across the yard. Patton released in mid whip and hung his head. It had not been the first time he had been scolded that morning. Kirsti snapped, “I don’t need this additional headache. I wish David had asked before getting you!”

Kirsti finished in the garden and started to walk towards the house. Patton, who had been busy chewing on an old shoe, snapped to attention and raced to the corner of the house. He let out a high pitched help and disappeared to the front of the house. Kirsti heard Karl Yzerman’s voice, “Patton you’ve really grown!”

Kirsti rounded the corner of the house to see Patton frolicking around Karl’s legs, as the UPS driver playfully pushed the puppy from side to side. Karl cooed, “You remember me, Patton? Huh? You remember Karl?”

Karl handed Kirsti a small package and asked, “Is David around? Don’t see his truck.”

“He’s down in Escanaba for a few days for work, but he’ll be back for the weekend,” Kirsti stoically replied.

Karl nodded, “Well Kathy and I were thinking the four of us should get together. Go for a steak this weekend?” He paused and added, “Kids are driving Kathy crazy at home.”

Kirsti nodded politely, “Well sure, I’ll ask David when he gets back,” knowing full well she wouldn’t ask. Not that she didn’t like Karl and Kathy, but for now her preference was to stay home.

Karl stated a bit over enthusiastically, “Sounds good! I’ll let Kathy know. Well, got a lot of deliveries, so off I go. You have a great week.” Karl turned, hesitated, “Hang in there.”

Kirsti politely replied, “Thanks.”

As Karl backed out onto County Road A44, he yelled out the driver window, “Oh yeah, forgot to give you the weather report! Supposed to be ninety’s over the weekend and next week up to one hundred! Drink lots of fluids. You too Patton.”

Kirsti waved to acknowledge she had heard. “Great,” she thought. Heat and humidity weren’t here friends. They gave her headaches and made her weak and light headed. To top it off, they still didn’t have air conditioning; although, David had promised this was the year they would put it in. It was not going to be a fun time.


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4 thoughts on “The Chord – Package

  1. diditevercrossyourmind says:

    so your style is more like painting a picture? its a nice piece, but i hope you go ahead with it! in fact, all the pieces you have written off late seem to be swell beginnings for stories.. by the way, i have recently written a piece, would love your opinion..

    • keithwrites1 says:

      Thanks. Yes, I would love to read it. I’m working on various scenes for a novel and just trying ideas out. As you know it’s a learning process. Yeah, I guess I do like to paint more of a picture, give a sense of things. That’s a good way to put it.

      • diditevercrossyourmind says:

        A novel!! thats wonderful 🙂 i wish you the very best of luck. Im sure you will make good of your dream.

  2. keithwrites1 says:

    Thanks. It’s a dream right now. We’ll see if it comes of anything. I wanted to write a mystery for my mom. She loves mysteries.

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