Koira – Niemi Investigates Meth Lab

(Today, I tried to include a bit of humor in the scene. Does it work?)

Detective Niemi whispered to Trooper Moilanen, “I’m going to see if I can get a bit closer to the house.”  Moilanen nodded. Niemi walked in a low crouch along the creek bed that ran along the backside of the property. As he got closer to the house, he stopped to inventory a flow of garbage that cascaded down the hillside. Empty containers of paint thinner, antifreeze and drain cleaner were mixed with plastic soda bottles and old tubing. He breathed in deeply and as he suspected smelled the odor of sulfur, rotten eggs.

At the top of the gulley, Niemi eyed a cluster of ever greens that would make good cover for a close view of the backyard and the house. He crawled military style up the hill, dreading the idea of what Mrs. Niemi would say when she took a look at his dirty clothes.  Stopping short of the top, he peered through the thick cover of branches. There was a light on in the house and some movement in a window.  There was a murmur of voices, but Niemi couldn’t make out what was being said. He scanned the surroundings and the house, “Damnit, security cameras. I should have considered that!” He looked overhead to see if there were any lines running into the woods.  From his viewpoint he didn’t see any, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any.

Reconnaissance complete, Niemi started to snake back down the hill, when he heard a door open and footsteps.  The steps approached the hill. He rolled onto his left side and placed his right hand on his weapon.  An empty bleach bottle flew into the gulley and landed with an empty sound. Several more containers followed.  Niemi cringed as the footsteps moved closer to his cover. He held himself rigid and focused on breathing slow and deep. He heard what sounded like a zipper and then heard a flow of water hitting several inches away. Niemi cringed when some of the warm liquid landed on his right arm and shoulder.


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One thought on “Koira – Niemi Investigates Meth Lab

  1. Mom says:

    I enjoyed reading your story. The first time I have signed into facebook in a month!

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