Koira – Jacob Interview Part II

(Continuation of Detective Niemi interviewing Jacob. Again, I’m trying to show who the characters are through the dialogue and their behavior. Hopefully, you feel a connection to them.)

Niemi paused, “So after you got to your grandfather’s what did you do?”

Jacob’s head dropped further. Detective Niemi had to lean forward hear Jacob’s response, “Went into the house.”

“So, was your grandfather there when you went inside?”


“Ok,” Niemi focused on keeping his voice calm, friendly, relaxed, “So, then what time did you get to Mrs. Tapio’s?”

The boy fidgeted, shrugged his small thin shoulders.

Niemi continued, “It was quite a bit later, wasn’t it? Like about what time?” Niemi paused, “Jacob, I already have an idea, but I need to confirm it with you, ok?”

Jacob mumbled.  Niemi asked, “What was that Jacob?”

Jacob stood mute. Penn Saari, spoke up, “He said four thirty.”

“Is that right Jacob? Four thirty?”

The boy nodded, wiped a hand under his right eye.

A revelation hit Niemi, “Jacob, I think I understand. You got there about 1:30, right? And you went into the house, and I’m not sure, what? You watched TV? Maybe played some video games? Right? And you didn’t go look for your grandfather until later say like 4:00. Now, you’re thinking that if you had gone earlier, you might have found him and he would still be alive? Am I right Jacob?”

Jacob nodded slightly.

“Jacob, listen, ok? It wouldn’t have mattered. Your grandfather was already gone by 1:00, so it wouldn’t have mattered what time you looked for him. So, it’s ok.”

Jacob raised his head and looked with his large brown eyes into Detective Niemi’s.


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