Koira – Ice Cream Run

(Background scene on the relationship between Jacob and his grandfather. It was supposed to be a flashback/memory, but need to work on the transition more.)

Jacob, who was on page forty-five of Moby Dick, lay sprawled on the floor next to Koira, whose panting added to the noise of a large floor fan. Outside, crickets complained incessantly about the August heat and humidity. Grandpa sat at the kitchen table, reading the local newspaper, drinking coffee.  Finishing his coffee he banged the cup on the table and pronounced “Let’s go for a ride!” That’s how Grandpa had always done it. No talk. No discussion. He would decide it was time for a ride and off they would go. Hearing the word ‘ride’, Koira impolitely scrambled over Jacob her right hind foot stepping solidly on his face. Jacob laughed, “Koira!”

Standing ouside the kitchen door, Jacob heard his grandfather jokingly yell, “Jacob? Have you seen my keys?”

Jacob replied, “Look in your hand, Grandpa!”

The reply would come, “Oh silly me! There they are!”

As the trio drove down the two lane highway, Koira would pace from window to window as if she wasn’t sure which offered the better view. Occasionally she paused long enough to kiss Jacob across his left cheek.

Arriving at Keweenaw Ice Cream, Koira would clamber over Jacob to be the first out of the car and would race to the ordering window. She would sit patiently, waiting for her two scoops of vanilla. Grandpa would normally comment, “Only two scoops. Don’t want her getting fat on me.” And then laugh at his joke.

Grandpa always had maple nut, but ever since the doctor had complained about his cholesterol Grandpa limited himself to one scoop, which he ate slowly to appreciate it all the more. Jacob would go in streaks. For a while it was Bubble Gum, but then he decided that was a bit too childish, so switched to Creamsickle. Now it was Macknaw Island Fudge.


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