Kirsti – Church

(It’s a bit rough, but thought I would post anyway. )


Gloria Swanson skidded to a stop next to the outdoor rink and belted out the window that her son, Billy, better get his ass off the ice and in the car this minute or his days of playing hockey were coming to an abrupt end. Several blocks away, Margaret Olson, who was notoriously late for church, was coaxing, Fifi, her ten year old poodle mix, into the house. The last few stragglers of Trinity Lutheran Church, 10 am service winters: 9am summers, were on the move.

Kirsti, organist for the week, was heading towards the woman’s room for one last stop before services. She had had a little bit too much coffee that morning and was regretting it.  Gloria Swanson was finishing up her lecture to Billy regarding responsibility, the importance of a being a good Christian, (Billy had made the mistake of referring to church as stupid.) and respect to adults just about the time that Fifi decided it was time to go in.  Margaret hopped into her car and pushed the speed limit to 15mph on the icy roads.

The church was crowded. There were actually 72 people attending this Sunday, mostly as there was a baptism and the entire Sauvola family was in attendance. Unused to church, several Sauvola’s fidgeted in the pews. The young minister smiled at the Sauvola clan, thankful that they were showing up in strong force, but also knowing that as soon as the service was over and little Coriinna was baptized, the clan wouldn’t show again until Easter, unless of course there was an unexpected death in the family. Kirsti started playing the first hymn just as Margaret bumped into the last pew.

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  1. Kristiina says:

    Love it. 🙂

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