Kirsti – Church II

Church services over the Sauvola clan surged towards Fellowship Hall to be the first in line for bakery and coffee. Most of the clan grabbed extra bakery, wrapped it in napkins for so-and-so at home, and headed for the nearest exit. Kirsti’s grandmother selected the largest piece of nisua she could find and commented to Mrs. Miller how nice it was of her to bring in her home made nisua.

Sitting at the second table, Gloria Swanson chatted with Margaret Olson about the weather. Billy sat across from his mother giving her looks of let’s go, which she promptly ignored. She wasn’t in any hurry to get home, as a domestic was on the horizon with Mr. Swanson. Further down the table Kirsti’s grandmother bit into her nisua and commented that as always it was dry and burnt and that Miller would be better off brining in store bought cookies. Kirsti quickly shushed her grandmother.

Mrs. Samuelson could be heard above the din, going on about her granddaughters and how wonderful they were, such intelligent, well behaved girls, leaving out the fact that the younger one was pregnant and was currently in the process of looking through a database of possible fathers. She had narrowed it down to three likely candidates, well the three guys she liked the most, to her liking meant fatherhood.

At the far table, Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Tornio, were gossiping like a pair of junior high cheerleaders who had just learned that another member of the squad stuffed. Mrs. Edwards was curious as to what exactly the minister meant when he said that we should accept the differences of others, adding that it was unusual that he wasn’t married, giving Mrs. Tornio a knowing look.


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