Bobby – II

If you asked anyone in Pike Bay, they would say Bobby was a good kid. He followed the town laws and Pike Bay had a lot of laws. There were laws that told you what to think, what not to think, what to eat, what not to eat. There were laws that dictated the roles of men and women, defined boys as boys, and girls as girls. Boys played boy sports: football, baseball, ice hockey. Girls played tennis, volleyball and golf. Music was considered a female past time, but certain instruments were okay for boys, such as drums, and deep brass like trombones, tuba, or the baritone. Girls were relegated to flutes and reed instruments. (God forbid that a boy should play a reed instrument!) And for some reason, a law had been passed several decades earlier that forbid anyone from playing the French horn. Outsiders might call it a town of suppression, oppression and depression, but for the most part residents were content.

This was Bobby Metsa’s world. Even though the fourteen year old Bobby didn’t always understand it, it was the world that he knew. It was what he was taught. It was what he believed he believed because that is what he was told to believe.

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