Bobby – Chopping Wood

Bobby stood in kitchen doorway and observed Momma Pelimanni and his brother Billy. The pair sat at the kitchen table Momma Pelimanni with her back to the door and across from her Billy, who sat munching on a freshly made chocolate chip cookie. Momma P. whispered something that Bobby couldn’t hear and pushed a plate of cookies closer to Billy. Billy grabbed another cookie and took a huge bite.

Bobby cleared his throat, “Mom said you needed some work done.”

Momma P. turned slightly, “Oh, Bobby.” She turned back to face Billy, “Yes, you need to split some wood for the sauna and then after that tie up the tomato plants.” She reached over and patted Billy’s cheek. “You are such a sweet boy.”

Bobby stomped down the porch steps and took the short path to the wood shed. (You are different.) He threw some small logs out towards the splitting stump. He grabbed the axe off the wall and placed a small log on the splitting stump. (Different) He swung the axe hard. Crack, the wood split in half.  He took each half and halved them again. (Differ…) Stop he screamed to himself.  Just stop! He worked feverishly. Soon the back of his shirt was wet. Sweat dripped off his forehead. His lower back ached. He stood up, arched his back.  He cradled some of the split wood into his arms and walked into the sauna.

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