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Oh, Georgina!

“Do you know what Louise told me today?”

George Phillips rolled his eyes behind his reading glasses, turned the page of his book and replied, trying hard to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, “No. I didn’t know you talked to her today.”

His wife, Georgina adjusted the covers and plopped her heavy frame into bed. Georgina continued, oblivious to her husband’s tone, with a nod of her head, “Well, she said that Reverend Riley was a pot smoker.”

George marked the page of his book with his finger, knowing full well he needed to nip this in the bud, “And how would she know that?”

“I don’t know, but she claims it’s true.  And I believe her. He looks like a pot smoker to me.”

“And what does a pot smoker look like?”

Georgina, who didn’t respond to questions to which she didn’t have a ready answer, nestled down on her side of the bed and stated more to herself, “I hope the congregation doesn’t hear about this.”

“Well, don’t you go repeating it.”

“George! How could you accuse me of spreading gossip? You know I don’t gossip!”


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Koira – Hockey

The slap shot came in low and hard. The goalie went down, stretched out his right pad, made the save. The rebound slid out towards David Hanka. David swung at the puck, anticipating his first goal of his young hockey career and missed. The opposing team’s center checked David off the puck, picked it up and started to skate up the ice. David chopped his stick on the ice with frustration and started skating towards the bench as hard as he could which for David, who was the slowest skater on the team, a struggle of speed. As he approached the bench Assistant Coach Niemi opened the door. David turned into a hockey stop, promptly fell and slammed hard against the boards. The echo caused Susan Miller to look to see what had happened and comment with a tone of disgust to her husband, “Is that that Hanka kid falling again? My God! Maybe they should sharpen his skates already.”  Three rows behind, David’s mother scowled at the back of Susan Miller’s head and wanted to comment, “We had them sharpened before the game bitch,” but held her tongue. After the game, David would comment to his mom, “I think my skates were too sharp, so I had a bit of trouble today. But next week I know I’ll do better.”

Detective Niemi looked down at the young hockey player laid out on the ice, “Come on David, get up, so we can get another player on the ice.” David scrambled to his feet, slipped, fell to his knees, and crawled to the open door where Niemi grabbed him by the shoulder pads to help him off the ice.

David planted his butt on the bench and through gasps of air said, “Sorry Coach, I thought I had that goal. I just missed it, but it was close!”

Niemi padded the kid on his helmet, “Keep up the good work David. Just play hard, do your best, and have fun.”

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