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Koria – Det Niemi – Jacob Interview

(Wanting to show the dynamic between the family members.)

Jacob came into the kitchen, walked to where his dad was seated, leaned his hip up against his dad, and placed his right on the back of the chair.

“Hi Jacob, you remember me, Detective Niemi?” Turning and nodding towards Moilanen Niemi continued, “And this is Trooper Moilanen.”

Jacob nodded his head and shifted more of his weight into his dad’s shoulder. Sylvia Saari, Jacob’s mother, placed her hand on her son’s shoulder and said, “It’s ok honey.” Jacob turned his head slightly towards his mother, glared at her out of the corner of his eye and shrugged her hand away.

“Jacob, I need to ask you questions regarding other day, ok?” Niemi waited for Jacob to say something, but the boy stood silent. “First, what time did you get to your grandfather’s?”

Jacob studied the floor, “I don’t know.”

Penn Saari, Jacob’s father said, “Sure you do. Go ahead.”

Jacob mumbled, “Like around one thirty.”

“And when you got to your grandfather’s what did you do?”

Jacob shrugged.

Penn Saari softly spoke, “Jacob, I know this isn’t easy, but you need to answer the questions. Would you prefer to talk to the detective alone?”

Jacob replied, “No,” and turned around to look at his mother who was leaning against the kitchen sink.

Penn Saari turned to his wife, “Sylvia, do you mind if we talk to the Detective alone?”

Sylvia stood upright, pulled her shoulders back, glared at the back of Jacob’s head, and walked out of the kitchen. Several seconds later there was the slam of a door

Penn Saari looked at Niemi, “Go ahead.”


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