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Stalker – Mrs. Flaviola

Dirk King, model looks, gymnastics build, dressed in a fashionable pair of jeans and shirt, stepped in front of the automatic doors of Greenway Grocery just as Josephine Flaviola reached the exit. As the doors opened, Dirk displayed his straight white teeth, and with a slight nod said, “Well, good morning! How are you today?”

Grey haired, Mrs. Flaviola, flattered that such a good looking young man should pay attention to her, slightly blushed. “Well thank you. Aren’t you just a nice, polite, young man.”

Dirk smiled, “It’s just the way I am. God warms my heart, so I try to warm the hearts of others. Isn’t that what Jesus wants us to do? To spread friendship and love?”

“Well, yes, yes. Of course he does.”  As Mrs. Flaviola continued towards her car she thought, “What a nice church going boy.”

Dirk asked, “Would you like some help getting your groceries to your car?”

Mrs. Flaviola, generally independent, started to reply in the negative, but found herself, saying, “Well thank you that would be greatly appreciated. If you could just help me get them into the trunk that would be so nice of you.”

Dirk introduced himself, “Hi, I’m John Kovar.” And then he started in on his story, “I moved here a few weeks ago from New Jersey and I’ve been looking for a job, but so far I haven’t had much luck. I’m a little stressed because my money is running out, but I’ve been praying and I know God will answer my prayers. You know, I did think about asking my mom to send me moeny, but she has it hard. Dad was killed in a car accident several years ago and she’s got to take care of my three younger siblings. Once I do get that job, I’m going to send her what I can to help out.”

Mrs. Flaviola listened intently to John’s story and didn’t notice that Dirk walked directly to her car. She felt a bit embarrassed as she opened the trunk and quickly brushed the dust off the bumper sticker, “The Lord is my Strength and My Shield – Psalms 28”.

Dirk placed the groceries carefully into the trunk of the red four door. “Well, that’s all your groceries. I’ll take your cart back for you.  Good bless you.”

“God bless you too John.” Mrs. Flaviola watched as the young man walked away. She opened her purse.  “John, wait a second. Would twenty dollars help?” she asked.

Dirk turned around, “Yes, it would but I hate to take it from you, but it surely would help. I haven’t had much to eat for a couple days.”

“Go ahead dear, take it.”

Dirk approached, tentatively reached for the bill, “Well, I hate to ask, but could you spare forty?”

Mrs. Flaviola hesitated, but the smile, the warmth of this young man, convinced her that forty dollars was reasonable.  “Well sure dear. I can give you forty dollars.”

“God bless you!”

As Mrs. Flaviola drove away, she hummed to herself. She felt good, happy to have been able to help John.

As Dirk swaggered into the store, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a number of folded bills and added the two twenties to it. He calculated the new total. Two hundred and twenty. It was a good day.

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